Artist Album

Air - 10000 Hz Legend
Air- Moon Safari
Amon Tobin- Supermodified
Austin Powers- The Spy Who Shagged Me
B.B. King & Eric Clapton- Riding with the King
Baba Nation- Love Express
Backstarliner- Twelve Inch Confrontation Mix
Bad Manners- Skinhead
Barry Adamson- Oedipus Schmoedipus
Barry Adamson- Soul Murder
Barry Adamson- The Negro Inside Me
Beck- Midnite Kultures
Beck- Odelay
Billy Holliday- A Portait Of
Black & Brown- Cool Affair
Bob Marley and the Wilers- The very best
Bob Sinclar- Champs Elysees
Bonobo- Animal Magic
Brand New Havies- Shalter
Brazilectro- Latin Flavoured Club Tunes Latin
b-tribe- Star Profile
Cake- Comfort Eagle
Cesaria Evora- Cape Verde
Cesaria Evora- Latin Collection 2000
Chicane- Best Hits And Remixes
Chill Out Cafe- Volume Cinque
Cinematic Orchestra- Remixes
Combustible Edition- Best Of
Compact Jazz- Best of Bossa Nova
Creedence Clearwater Rvival- Golden Collection 2000
Dad- Everyting Glow
Daisy Dee- Club Rotation
Deep Forest- Boheme
Deep Forest- Made in Japan
Depeche Mode- Exciter
De-Phazz- Death by Chocolate
De-Phazz- Detunized Gravity
De-Phazz- Godsdog
Dick Dale- Tribal Thunder
Diesel- Radio DSL Top 15+3
Dimitri from Paris- Sacrebleu
DJ Empire- A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder
DJ Modeler- The Wrong Evidence
DJ Quicksilver- Best Hits And Remixes
Don Shiva- Rama Ho
Dubstar - Disgraceful
Eliades Ochoa- Tributo al Cuarteto Patria
Everything but the Girl- Back to mine
Fat Boy Slim- Halfway Between the Gutter and The Stars
Fool's Garden- For Sale
Freak Power- Drive-Thru Booty
Freak Power- More Of Everything For Evrebody
Free Fat Acid Jazz- Fat 1 Acid Jazz
Fuck Dub- Tosca
Fun Lovin' Criminals- Loco
Funkstar De Luxe- Keep on Moving (It's too Funky in Here)
Green Day- Warning
Guano Apes- Don't Give me Names
Heather Small- Proud
HOUSE:mix.rsl_1- 728 project
Huevos Ranchevos- Dig In!
Ibiza:2001- Volume 1
In the Mix- In the Mix
Inbi Series- Spirit of Rastah
Incognito- Fututre Remixes
Incognito- Remixes
Indian Big Beat- Canabis-New Harvest
Instinct Records - Bossa Brava Volume 2
Irma Coctail Lounge- Volume 2
James Bond- James Bond Hits Collection 2000
Jan Pooley- Since Than
Jane's Addiction- Ritual De Lo Habitual
Jazzanova- The remix 1997 - 2001
Jesse Cook- Gravity
John Coltrain- All the Jazz
Lee Parry- ScrathAttack!
Madison Avenue- the Polyester Embassy
Mano Negra- Best Of
Manu Chao- Clandestino
Manu Chao- Esperanza
Mark Knopfler- Sailing To Philadelfia
Massive Attck- Remix Album
Medicine Drum- Talking Stick
Mescalito- One Path In A Million
Mimosa- Fun Lovin' Criminals
Montefiori- Coctail
Morcheeba- Big Calm
Morcheeba- Fragments of Freedom
Offspring- Conspiacy of One
Omara Portundo- Buena Vista Social Club
Paris Combo- Living-Room
Pizzicato Five- Made in USA
Pizzicato Five- Playboy & Playgirl
Plastic Compilation- Volume 3
Propeller Heads- Best Of
Ray Charles- The Genius Hits the Road
Red Elvises- Better than Sex
Red Elvises- Shake your Pelvis
Redhot+Rhapsody- The Gershwin Groove
Reef-Getaway- 498891 2
Rock'n'Roll- MTV History 2000
Ruben Gonzales- Chancullo
Ry Cooder- Buena Vista Social Club
Sacret Spirit- Chants and Dances of the Native Americans
Sade- Greatest Hits
Saint Etienne- Good Humor
Sam Paglia- Nigthclubtropez
Sergent Garsia- Un Poquito quema'o
Shine- Snine 8
Shirley Bassey- The Remix AlbumDiamons Are Forever
Sosa- The best of Mercedes
Soundtrack- Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels
Soundtrack- Mambo Kings
Stereo De Luxe- Clam-O-Rama
Sushi:4004- The return of spectacular Japanese Clubpop
The Tiger Lillies- Farmyard Filth
Thievery Corporation- DJ Kicks:
Thievery Corporation- MCOM
This is Acid Jazz- Jazz Com Bossa
Tonino Carotone- Mondo Difficile
Touch and Go- Big Beat Boogie
Touch and Go- I find you very attractive
Towa Tei- Future Listening!
Tower of Power- Rhythm Busness
Transatlantik- Lounging 3
Travelling Wilburys- Vol.1/Vol.3
Travelling Wilburys- Vol.2/Vol.4
United Future Organization- Bon Voyage
Uriel- Exploits
Ursula 103- All Systems Are Go Go
Us3- Hand on the Torch
Vaya Con Dios- Forever Gold
Ventures- Go with the Ventures/Betman Theme
Ventures- Mashed Potatoes and Gravy/Going to Ventures Dance Party
Voo Doo Phunk- Lionize
Yonderboy- Shallow and Profound
Zap Mama- a Ma Zone
Zap Mama- Seven
Zapp Zapp- What does fish is..?
Zuko 103- Outro Lado

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